Sounds Fair

It is easy to feel the emotion to start to well up as the political season moves along. What was once observing from a distance has now become trench warfare.  You may not even be in a political camp yet, but the heated rhetoric is sparing no one.  Every camp is pushing their nuclear buttons as the primary season begins to wrap up.

As a concerned citizen, I want to think about how I treat people and how I project to people, regardless of their world view or political leanings.  I can believe someone is wrong, but still treat them fairly.

Again, it feels like the political climate is getting ugly and potentially dangerous.  With everything for our country at stake, I was wondering about the most important decision we will have to make.  That is in whom do we really place our trust and hope.  For those who did not see the re-direct, that was a faith based question. That was a question as to whether we put our hope in man or in God.

As a christian, I know that God is in control. Even times that seems to have our country teetering on a cliff.  We who bring Good News, also bring hope.  As tensions arise let us be gentle and meek.  I think about what is our calling. One is to give the reason for our hope.  When others put their hope in a man and that man or woman seem to be at odds with the Good News of Jesus, then our testimony is in our behavior, perhaps more than our words.

Actions seems to be what launches the amazing power of the Holy Spirit.  if we want to transform our country, then I pray that we start the change that begins with ourselves. That our actions are in line with our sacred calling.

Those action would be to be fair minded. To be gentle and considerate in our speech.  The difficult part is that it seems as though until we come to a place of humility and see others as more important than ourselves, then it would be next to impossible to be gentle and kind in the face of vile character attacks and ungodly bluster.

Now that we are nearing the end of the primary season, I am hoping that grace and decency are seen as clear difference makers and people would gravitate to what is good.  If we are to be righteous, then we need to do good. We need to think critically with a gentle heart.

If God is glorified, then everything else we go exceedingly well.  These may be the times foretold of long ago, that requires us to be obedient to the very end.



Hillary says we have done a great job securing the border and that now we can change the conversation from building a fence to talking about immigration reform.

Others have spoken about how tough Obama has been in regards to deportation.  The truth is that more people have been deported, but only because the definition changed.  Those caught at the border were sent back and that counted as a deportation.

CNN reported today, that a human trafficker, also known as a coyote, has been caught by border patrol 24 times since 1999.  We have deported this smuggler each time.  It seems that the 24th time is what gave this guy a ticket to jail.

My father had traveled to the Grand Canyon and the only two pictures they posted was the Grand Canyon and another of illegal immigrants running across the road where there was no road on the other side. the folks were running with a bag of what looked like belongings.

Two things come to mind and that is that first of all we do need to secure the border so that this kind of road crossing is not at all unusual.  Human traffickers needs to be incarcerated.  It seems like we have decriminalized illegal immigration and human trafficking.  Lets really secure the border.  i am not saying that those crossing the road were harmful to our country in any way.  In the same way, I have no idea what their motivations is or what it is they intend to do now that they are here.

Over the last 30 days, there have been more than 130 terrorist attacks in over 25 countries.  We are dealing with an enemy that uses weapons of mass destruction.  Can we afford for political correctness to make us lax against a brutal enemy.

Please whoever wins the White House Secure the Border and prepare the nation for War against those that would do us harm.

Cruz Holds the Line in Texas

Ted Cruz went to the United States Senate to represent the great state of Texas.  Cruz told everyone exactly what he was going to do and did something very uncommon for those that go to Washington D.C.  Cruz actually did exactly what he said that was going to do.

That made him enemies with everyone in the Senate the went along to get along.  With Cruz exposing the establishment, the establishment reacted harshly.  The amount of animosity is of epic proportions.  Most people wither under that level of attack and scrutiny.  Cruz held onto his principles and onto hos faith.  While Ted may not be the poster child of what a President looks like.  His character is one that we could only dream of.

The attraction to Trump is many fold.  Trump speaks in plain and many times crude language.  But for those that followed the Apprentice, he was known and respected.  His followers forgive some of his gaffes, like they would forgive a family member.  The other aspect is that he is the only one to break through the political correctness police and prevail.

What was different in Texas, was that Texas also know Cruz and he was a man for the people who saw he go to work every day with grace and dignity and fight harder than anyone else we have ever seen from a conservative scholar point of view and a religious liberty and second amendment view.

If Trump ends up winning, the best thing he can do day one is recommend Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court.  Cruz has earned the right to carry the mantle.  the White House or Supreme Court would be an epic stage. I am not sure, which one is the better fit, but I do want to see a servant like that representing us.  the Supreme Court is a life time appointment and that cannot be undone by the left swinging back into power.

Texas got it right with Cruz.


Cruz in South Carolina

In the town hall meetings in South Carolina, Ted Cruz was the last of three to be involved in a town hall meeting in Greenville, South Carolina hosted by Anderson Cooper.  Leading off the evening was Ben Carson and he did a fantastic job. While in a debate format he is not combative enough to stand out amongst the crowd.  In interviews with the press, they always seem to look for a gotcha question or try and find a way to make news and make a name for themselves as opposed to truly wanting to understand a candidates view or ideas on policy.  In that hour he was engaging and full of great content. It was great to see him shine in that format. As an evangelical conservative I saw an opportunity for Carson to possibly win voters over from the Cruz camp.

The second up was Marco Rubio.  It is quite clear that Marco Rubio is a dynamic orator. Probably in the same caliber as Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and President Obama. Marco flashed his Christian credentials so that believer’s knew that he was on of us as well.  He also was quite impressive in the areas of student debt and co-authoring a couple of bills that would help drive down the cost of college.  Rubio was also adept in foreign policy. I concur that his experience in foreign policy is better than any other Republican candidate.

The we get to the last candidate, which is Ted Cruz.  When it comes to flashing credentials or identifying a leader of a movement, I would rather follow the leader.  With the death of Scalia, Cruz was able to articulate what is at stake with the next Supreme Court Justice.  A Pastor asked Cruz what would you do to ensure religious liberties are protected.  Cruz then went on to recount time after time when he lead the charge and went before the Supreme Court as the Texas Solicitor and won every time he was before them.

Cruz laid out hos accomplishments for religious liberties.  He also explained why he is unpopular in the Senate. It was because he did what he said he was going to do for his constituents and the donor class hated him for that.  Then all of the Senators that are beholding to the donor class fell in line.  Cruz is the clear choice for those that are concerned about religious liberties and the attack of government on those liberties. He said day one every department within the government would stop their hostilities towards faith.

The fact that he wants to have a flat tax an eliminate the IRS is a big big deal.  I think Cruz with the right Vice President nominee could do quite well.  When asked about his cabinet, he suggested that a Secretary of State would be somebody in the mold of John Bolt. John Bolt used to be the Ambassador to the United Nations.  John Bolt has been a lightening Rod for establishment types for a while.  He never backed down from his critical analysis and was not concerned about the whims of the donor class.  What it tells me is that Cruz would look for other men of conviction that do not cower to power.  That sends a powerful message to the populace.

Where some may see that as Trumps advantage, they may also see that same capability within Cruz.  In case no one has seen either speak in public.  Cruz is an intellectual genius with a powerful command of the English language and in contrast Donald Trump is not a genius. Every time someone ask a question that has many facets, Trump can only respond with a single answer.  That he repeats over and over again, like each iteration is a new idea. But it is not a new idea, it is just someone that cannot find the nuance of an argument much less communicate those nuances.  That is why the insults are his only weapon.

The biggest question with Cruz as President is how he will work with the Congress.  That is a fair question, but I would imagine that an intelligent man like Cruz can figure it out. Cruz is a fighter and will be the man I most believe will fight the good fight for us as Christians and help Americans re-establish our place in the world.

We do not need to be able to project our military power, but also need to be able to project as compassion and ideals.

Texas Cruz wins Iowa

This was a huge day for Senator Ted Cruz.  Cruz comes in first with Marco Rubio nipping at Trumps heels.  So it came out Cruz, Trump and then Rubio. Trump claims that him missing the debate likely hurt him.  Trump did not miss the opportunity to state that Cruz was doing dubious things that could have cost Trump votes.

After Iowa we had three people drop out of the race.  Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum.  I know Santorum is going to endorse someone tonight, but not really sure who that will be.  My guess is that Huckabee supporters will likely go to Cruz or Carsen.  Rand Paul supporters may go to Trump and Rick Santorum voters likely going to Marco Rubio.

Listening to Ted Cruz the day after Iowa results, he sound like a preacher at a tent revival.  No doubt he is trying to energize his supports and catch momentum going into New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Trump tried to sound noble by saying if it meant coming in second to help out the veteran’s then he would do that every time.  The nobility sounds great, it is a matter of whether that is genuine or not.  I will let the veterans decide on their own whether Trump was hiding behind the veterans or really trying to do something for them.  Trump could have done it another night and not missed the event.  Trump is a bit of a revisionist when it comes to what actually happened.

This is Cruz’s night. if Ted Cruz had not had a strong finish, then he may have indeed been on the decline.  The question becomes, can Cruz broaden his base of support.  As others drop out, where will those votes likely go.  Once the establishment types exit, then those votes will likely consolidate behind someone that is not either Trump or Cruz.  Might Kasich or jeb Bush make a splash in new Hampshire and change the calculus altogether.

This really is intriguing politics.  The Sanders against Clinton is fascinating only to the extent that a Socialist is going against a Crony Capitalist.  Both both present other qualities that seem to make liberals ignore some very real concerns with both candidates.

On the Republican side, losing three candidates changes the forecast, but we just do not know how much it will change the forecast.

The other X factor in the election will be how the Iran deals works out. it has already been reported that North Korea and Iran are working together and that North Korea has missiles now that can reach deep into the United States.  If we feel vulnerable, then the blame could end up falling on Hillary’s shoulder.  She swaddled everything Obama at the town hall prior to Iowa.  Those sound bites can be played over and over again with the news of the day about Iran being a bad character and our lack of fortitude to keep our enemies in check.  When you are afraid to show your teeth and bite every now and then, your friends and enemies will run all over you.

It is like being in a fight with a gang.  They threaten you as a unit.  If you go to the biggest guy in the gang and break his nose before anyone else no they are in a fight, then you win and others back down.  If instead you act like you saw a bear in the forest and you slowly move back, you may be okay.  But when you run away from a threat, they will chase you and exact a punishment.  If the Bear is big enough it is likely fatal.  These are not extreme comparisons.  We have a world that is not steady at all.  A lot of bad character all of the world.  Not have true alliances is dangerous.  To have a country will to stand alongside you in a conflict means that you have to be willing to stand alongside them.

I do not believe that Obama would retaliate if any of our friends were attacked.  I think Israel is in a bad place with the Obama administration.  I think Saudi Arabia would be in trouble.  I even think that the UK would have to fend for themselves if Obama could find a way to stay clear of the conflict directly.  All of those shortcomings with Obama will spill over to Hillary.

Cruz, Trump and Rubio need only to continue to connect the dots from Obama to Hillary.  Of course if Iran turns into an ally and becomes a decent player on a global stage, then Hillary has a roadmap to the White House.  The only thing to bring her down would be if the White House allowed the Justice Department to bring an indictment on Hillary after being referred by the FBI.

Indeed there is a lot of information to absorb, but responding to the challenges of the day against everyone’s record will make for quite a roller coaster ride in 2016.

Define Sexism

Donald Trump says the most outlandish things and seemingly gets away with it time and again.  perhaps it is because he also says somethings that are also politically brilliant.  With Democrats false narrative about republicans war on woman, Trump was able to turn the tables in which he should have been in trouble considering the list of things that he has said as it relates to women.  Horrible comments that deserve scorn and condemnation. When Hillary to and easy swipe on him on these obvious truths, she fell victim to her biggest weakness. That weakness is not necessarily Bill Clinton’s infidelity, but rather his abuse of power using state troopers as gophers for the Governor of Arkansas.  Intimidating women and pressuring them into unwanted sexual advances. This behavior seems like actual predator characteristics versus Trump who just talks like the town drunk.

The real weak link here is how the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary went after these women and tried to smear there names and reputations.  It was Bill Clinton the sexual bully and then Hillary the enabler and accomplice to this thuggery.

It is possible to draw a distinction between Trump and Hillary on this issue, but Hillary can no longer play the I am a champion of women when Trump is will to call her out on things that proves that she is first and foremost an Opportunist.  Trump is also an Opportunist and just found an opportunity to take away a big weapon from Hillary.

A Bush in the Hand

I have tremendous respect for George W. Bush in that I believe that he did what he did for what he believed are the right reasons.  However, I did not care for the Karl Rove and team that surrounded him.  The handlers and gatekeepers did not serve the country well.  I believed George W. Bush when it came to his faith and not leaving any kid behind. I believe he mourned every American death, including 9/11/2001, Hurricane Katrina and the military servicemen that have paid the ultimate price.  Away from the cameras, President Bush meets with the family, goes to Walter Reed.  In short, his heart is everything that I want in a President.

Now a third Bush is running for the President and he seems to lack the same something special that lives deep within.  Jeb does have a lot of the same people surrounding him, the George W. Bush had in his inner circle.  That is a team that looked to manipulate the evangelical voter who believed that Faith would be protected and respected.

The inside chatter had it that the inner circle looked as a base that they could easily manipulate.  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.  Jeb has the same manipulators and I for one see this as being as bad a choice as a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  Both represent the political insider class that I do not trust as far as I can throw them.  I want an outsider, that does not need a experienced team, but will find the right people on the outside to bring on the inside to solve problems.  A good bit of the problems we face are the cowards that put an “r” next to their name, but have no agenda other than staying in power.

Where as Jeb I see as average, his team gives me chills.  Jeb, stop whining about Donald Trump and say something that has not been spoon fed to you by these power brokers that want to win more than they want to serve.  Grow a pair, dump the team and speak about your agenda in some detail, not a tone that you want to reach while not striking that tone in practice.  I am not a huge Donald Trump supporter, but you trying to go head to head with him makes you look like you are short by a head.

Do something real or just go home.

Democratic Presidential Debate

I am not sure whether it is the luxury of only have three people on stage for the debate tonight, but it certainly seemed like it was much easier to draw distinctions between these three then when nine were on the stage during the Republican Presidential Debate.  What I saw gave me grave concern tonight.  Grave concern, because on the stage I felt like I knew exactly I could expect from any of the three if they were elected President.  What scared me is that the concept of any of the three winning did not terrify me.


Bernie represented changing the economy over to Socialist economy where Wall Street and CEO’s could expect for their world to be turned upside down.  Big banks would be forced to be broken up and that Minimum wage would rise to $15 over the next couple of years.  Bernie’s plan also included a trillion dollar investment into the infra-structure to  give a jump start to those unemployed.  The Climate Change may be a  little overstated.  But Bernie did not lose much ground on foreign affairs stating that we need focus on ISIS and not regime change.


Hillary was exceptionally sharp tonight.  Her experience showed during the entire debate.  Her answers were more nuanced on national defense, because she was the one in the center of a lot of the planning and executing our current policies.  Hillary drew distinction from Obama without saying as much, stating that she wanted to arm the Syrian moderate forces. Hillary also wants to get rid of ISIS and Assad in parallel.  It does not seem like she will take on Wall Street or the Big Banks, but gives lip service to wanting to help those in the struggling class.  For every attack, I thought she countered flawlessly.  With all of the scandals, all of the concerns about her integrity and acting like she is above the law, she still performs exceedingly well on the big stage.  Projecting who she would face on the Republican Side in a Debate, she will more than able to hold her own.  If she wins back the trust of those she lost because of her telling lies regarding email controversy, she could easily win this election.

Martin O’Malley  was the perfect candidate to stand politically in between Sanders on the Far left and Hillary in the Center.  The problem for Martin O’Malley is that he did not stake out that territory early enough.  Bernie was driving the Agenda when Hillary was expecting to coast to the nomination.  O’Malley gives a good speech and was able to draw distinction between the other two, but after this debate neither Sanders nor Clinton seem to be a scary alternative.  I think O’Malley was hoping to be what the democrats wanted Joe Biden to be.  That blue collar guy that they felt was honest.  Hillary seems to have glided through the trustworthy crisis mode and Bernie has passed through the concern of whether he could handle foreign policy.  O’Malley was good, but so were his opponents.


After this debate, it looks like Hillary has Blue Skies ahead. Republicans better get out of the narrative they are currently on or this will be at least another 4 years of left leaning leadership.  If the pendulum does not swing back to the right, our country could forever, be changed.  I personally do not think that is great for our Country. Time will tell.

A Need for Don Quixote

don quixote

So coming into the Democratic Debate being held on a Saturday (great idea Debbie Wasserman Schultz- DNC Chairwoman) we had a bit of dirty politics.  Spoiler alert, Debbie is the villain of this story.  Both the Clinton and Sanders Campaigns host their supporters on a DNC multi-tenant server.  The only thing separating the two campaigns is a thing software wall.  Once the breach occurred, a Sanders staffer looked at the files on the Clinton Server.   Remember that the DNC is the one that is providing the server host, they are the once responsible for the breach.  How does does, Debbie Wasserman Schultz respond to the breach on the DNC server, by locking the Sanders campaign out of their access to their own data.  No examination of the facts, no review of evidence, just an immediate decision to harm the Sanders campaign without any facts.  In fact,  the DNC gave information to the Clinton campaign that was not given to the Sanders camp relative to that breach.  You think Schultz has been offered a major cabinet post, mark my words.  This kind of brash politics is quite Clinton-esque and revolting to millions of people.  I think you can see what happens when there is no accountability.  Corruption flows freely.  Power-Wielders keep a tight grasp on the reigns and will go to brazen lengths to protect it.  Very similar to the RNC and the lengths it will go to to deny Trump his fair chance at being the Republican nominee.  That is another story for another day.

Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaim Socialist with an ideology he believes in and is truthful on what he believes and what he will do.  Kudos if you want to vote for a Socialist.  But that brings us to where we are today.  A large portion of the voting public  would rather have a bit of a nut job who was truthful and had a plan that they honestly believe would help the country.  On the Left you have Sanders.  I think Clinton’s rule will be what is best for Hillary.  The scandles will continue to flow in.  Benghazi, emails on a server, spread falsehoods about the former.  Then on the right you have Trump, Carson, Cruz and Paul.  I include Rand Paul because he is a Libertarian running as a Republican, but he has a plan that he thinks would save America.  Kudos if you are a Libertarian.

Do you think the country is starving for a Don Quixote?  One that revives chivalry, will undo wrongs and bring justice to the world.  The question is there one in the mix.  I hope so.

Cruz on Surveillance Numbers

In the publication The Hill, Jordain Carney reported on December 16, 2015 that GOP Chair Probes if Cruz unveiled classified information during the debate.  The quote that got Cruz into this was when he referenced the The National Security Agency’s surveillance program, and stated “the old program covered 20 or 30 percent of phone numbers while the new program covers roughly 100 percent”.

Now I was a big Marco Rubio fan, but we have to issues.  One is that either Cruz divulged classified information or Marco Rubio knowingly lied to us knowing that the information was classified.  I hate liars and slick politicians so where Marco Rubio was on short list of people I would like as President.  That exchange left me asking if I trust him to tell me the truth.  Sorry Rubio, you took a hit from my perspective.  You can smile to make people believe you and I recommend Albany Dental as a place to give you that confidence to smile.  But the real confidence should be from speaking the truth.

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